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    DawN of a New Day: Guild Structure

    Post by Lucius on Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:19 pm


    "Fate is in Heaven, the armor is on the breast, success is with the legs. Go to the battlefield firmly confident of victory, and you will come home with no wounds whatever. Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death. When you leave the house determined not to see it again you will come home safely; when you have any thought of returning you will not return. You may not be in the wrong to think that the world is always subject to change, but the warrior must not entertain this way of thinking, for his fate is always determined".
    ~ Uesugi Kenshin (1530-1578)


    In the public forum I use a quote from Takamatsu which I think best captures the values we will endeavor to adopt to enjoy our time together in game. DawN's Philosophy

    What I want to do here, is talk about our principle philosophy for our guild play style, whilst identifying our guild rank structure which intertwines all philosophys. The quote above by Uesugi Kenshin is a representation of a physical and mental attitude adopted by successful warriors in Japan in the 16th Century. I have no doubt the principle belief of the warriors generated a unification above and beyond, rank and friendship, an unsurpassed loyalty to one another. This is the essence of want I want us to draw from the subject passage and capture it.

    The "do or die" mentality Uesugi eludes to is something I believe will provide us with success. DawN is not about me, its not about you, its about everybody, every single member. There is no stronger unit than one that fights together side by side, even if its to our death. If you remember nothing else from this post, remember this! Its this mentality we need to example in all aspects of our gameplay, crafting, grouping, pvping, raiding, etc

    We are about having fun first and foremost, however when we do anything in game we will do it properly, together and without fuss or drama.


    Although a lot of us played together for years, AION was our first game together under the DawN banner, Aion gave us the opportunity to example our unity, displaying our unification. As a guild our progression is relative to everybody's intention. We will do as well, as everybody wants to do. Its your guild. Your contribution will mould and shape the future progress and direction of DawN of a New Day. I personally believe AION was a staging post for us, we have a good thing going on here. With lots of exciting releases on the horizon we have much fun to look forward to with other games. Nevertheless in order to stop jumping from one MMO to another we have decided to focus on Three most promising upcoming MMO's - RIFT, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic, this doesn't mean we wont be playing anyother MMO, but these three will be our main games for years to come.


    First off, why has the mad man known as atome chosen a feudal Japanese military structure that is not particularly well known? Well i have chosen a military hierarchy typical of that which would be found during the era of Warring States, or Sengoku Jidai, a violent period of social upheaval during Japan's feudal period. From roughly 1467 to 1615 the country was characterized by incessant fighting. This actually emulates a number of games we intend to play, Aion being the first. The consistent struggle between the Elyos & Asmodians. We will emulate the height of the Sengoku Jidai during the 1500's, rank will be based on merit of ability and not as exclusively hereditary as it often is in real life and in many of the apparent top mmo guilds, who have clueless officers.

    DAIMYO -Guild Leader

    A Japanese feudal lord. Guild duties are as extensively administrative as they are martial. Essentially summed up as the general of a clan, a Guild leader. The Daimyo's abilities includes, but are not limited to, accepting new people into the guild, making final decisions in matters of structure and policy & instructing the army as a whole on the battlefield. The boss, whose final word is final.
    GUILD LEADERS ARE: atome, Lucius and Medrall

    KYUNIN - Commanding Officers

    The Kyunin are the commanding officers of our structure. Reverting back to military history again, during a particularly bloody era of the Sengoku period, lower class warriors including ashigaru could rise to the Kyunin class. One of the three great unifiers of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, started his life as a peasant. Every member is eligible to be a part of the Kyunin. So history will overlap our structure, anybody can become a commanding Officer. Commanding Officers are the knights of the round table and together with Guild Leaders they lead this Guild.

    These are the leaders of Dawn of a New Day.

    Our existing team is: Kalima, Hjert, Validus, Voidwalker, Kanzy and Els

    SHOGUN - Senior Officers

    Shogun is a military rank and historical title for (in most cases) hereditary military dictator of Japan. Although the original meaning of "shogun" is simply "a general", as a title, it is used as the short form of seii taishōgun, the governing individual at various times in the history of Japan. A shogun's office or administration is known in English as a "shogunate". In Japanese it was known as bakufu which literally means "tent office", and originally meant "house of the general", and later also suggested a private government.

    Shogun in our structure will be regarded as Senior Officers, most likely Guild Leaders in one of the MMO's DawN is involved or a long-term respected DawN member, ex Daimyo or Kyunin. Their goal is to lead our members on the battlefield. They will have exhibited exceptional dedication to the guild and have invested significant amounts of time, and effort towards the well-being of any group or job they are in charge.

    Our existing team is: tbd

    SAMURAI - Battle Leaders

    The samurai were undoubtedly a key part of the totem of feudal Japanese armies, being specialized warriors usually of high social rank. Historically, their lives centred around feudal allegiances to powerful landowners, themselves being a class of fiefdom. Of note is the idea that they followed "bushido," translated as the way, -do, of the warrior, -bushi, which ideally reflected the notion that samurai were a class fanatically devoted to their lord, defence of their honour, and bound unto death.

    Samurai in our structure will be regarded as Officers, working with the Commanding Officer team. They will lead teams of Ashigaru and Kachi on the battlefield. They will have exhibited exceptional dedication to the group and have invested significant amounts of time, and effort towards the well-being of any group they lead. Samurai will also share a portion of the administrative responsibilities of the guild: calling members, coordinating events, and keeping forum records, amongst other admin duties. They will be the first point of contact for recruiting new members via invitation into the DawN, naturally they will actively be involved in ensuring a growing membership. They are also encouraged to assist in long-term guild projects such as siege planning, crafting objectives, social events and anything else guild related.

    ASHIGARU - Senior Member

    Historically the Ashigaru were the rank and file of samurai armies; issued standard arms and under the command of a superior most of the time. As the backbone of late feudal clan armies, they were always the most numerous. Without Ashigaru, there is no army. To quote a samurai saying, "one spear worth 200 pieces of gold can be defeated by 200 spears each worth one piece of gold." An effectively managed team of adequately equipped soldiers is more effective than several un-coordinated, though exceptional, fighters. This is what we need to be as a guild, coordinated. The coordination starts here! The Samurai quote also highlights the importance of Senior members to the guild, and how invaluable they are in the structure.

    Ashigaru are the dedicated members of the guild who form up the bulk of DawN. Duties include fighting hard in battle (of course), and recruiting new members for the Guild. To be an ashigaru, one must be experienced in battle and have reached a respectable level of maturity and responsibility. A senior member is an old hand, a respected guild member who has seen it all before and can provide suitable advice, help and support. As well as aiding and contributing to important decision making.

    KACHI - Guild Soldiers

    The Kachi make up the bulk of the warrior class; primarily, members on route to becoming Senior members Ashigaru.

    CHUGEN - Junior members

    Literally, the "in-between." The initial rank of new members in the guild. Historically the purpose of the Chugen in medieval Japan was to assist with physical tasks given by their officers, such as bearing spare weaponry and armour. Personal attendants to the samurai, they are best equated to squires in medieval Europe (minus the necessary social status); like squires, they would fight when the need arose.

    Chugen in our guild structure are junior members of the unit whose responsibilities are little to none other than the important task of paying attention to experienced members and learning the ropes. Chugen are introductory members to the group who must show genuine promise and willingness to be an active part of DawN of a New Day. Promotion to Kachi - Guild Soldier can take anything from 2 days to 2 weeks in game.

    written by atome, with a little help from me ... Thank you!

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